A “slicker and smarter” climbing wall

Fast Company this week features Nova, our new concept for a home climbing wall that reinvents home exercise.

“Pro gear is out of place,” FastCo‘s Belinda Lanks quotes LUNAR Europe. “Since it lived in the gym, no one has re-considered the design.” That is, until the Munich-based design studio decided to put its spin on the climbing wall, transforming the standard pebble-like holds into a wall art comprised of indented ripples.

“The conceit behind Nova–to make gym equipment less of an eyesore–is smart,” says Lanks. “And the UI details are clever.”

Nova is helping transforming perceptions of how training equipment formerly relegated to the gym can be reimagined for home.

Read the FastCo article here.

And learn more about Nova here.

4 Responses to “A “slicker and smarter” climbing wall”

  1. Russell Rugg says:

    Avid climber just interested in this product…

  2. Julie says:

    This is beautiful! Has it been made yet?

  3. Vannessa says:

    This is amazing. I’ve been dreaming of having a rock climbing wall in my home and this is simply beautiful. I hope it is as effective as it is elegant, brilliant and beautiful.

  4. csaba says:

    good idea and nice set, but what about the chalk. i mean climbing is not so clean as the spot suggests…
    anyways, i hope one day i’ll have such a wall in my flat.