A vote for Junggi is a vote for great design

LUNAR’s Junggi Sung’s awesome design for a hair dryer is one of seven finalists in Fast Company’s “Porsche Next Design Challenge.” Vote for Junggi’s design at FastCo’s contest site by May 21. (Click the button next to Junggi’s name in the voting section on the right side of the page; and yes, you can vote for one of the other finalists if you prefer.)

FastCo asked all comers to design an object inspired by the Porsche 911. The winner stands to get either a one-year lease on a brand-new Porsche 911 or $20,000. The object needed to be smaller than a living room and bigger than a purse, and reference three design elements taken from Porsche 911s of the past or present.

Check out all the designs via the thumbnails at the top of this page but of course, Junggi would love to get your vote!

2 Responses to “A vote for Junggi is a vote for great design”

  1. Park, Sangil says:

    today, i visited this web page by accident. First, I just saw this design.. and then it’s so moved to me. Especially, the shape..if choose one more, that is you solved line tangled problem by so simple and intelligent..
    And i saw back side on this product. you made working ways like a gear..

    Actually, i’m your fan so long time. one day.. i really hope to meet you!
    cheers hero~~! from the korea..one of person who advocate you ^^ thanks for showing like this good job for me.
    i’ll study hard and find the way to meet u as i study design hard and find my design style..!

  2. Roy Kim says:

    it’s cool, I want to buy it
    very simply but it has important functions