All good things come in threes: IDEA Finalists 2017

The time has come and three of our designs have been declared as finalists for the 2017 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). Zoe, Time Machine and Entropy Table are being recognized for the story they tell with their beautiful designs.

Time Machine – In collaboration with Autodesk, LUNAR developed Time Machine- a 3D clock made with Fusion 360 software. What began as an idea, resulted in the manufacturing of 25 limited edition clocks.

The clock drives twelve wings as they each successively turn 180 degrees to denote five minute periods. These rotations alternate the outward facing color of the wings between dark and light. The result creates a striking representation of time – analogous to the daylight and nighttime of each day.

The use of rotating wings and a light ring to tell time, harkens back to older mechanical clocks while being contemporary and engaging.  The center void creates a symbolic ring shaped face and sense of mystery about past and future time.

To indicate hours, a ring of lights surrounds a cylindrical void in the center of the clock. As each hour passes, a new light segment is illuminated and the ring gradually grows to a completion throughout twelve hour periods. Its growth represents a half-day appearing and disappearing around a mysterious hole of nothingness. Like five-minute, one-hour and twelve-hour hourglasses, Time Machine visually and viscerally focuses both on how much time has passed and how much is left.

Entropy Tablea manipulation of cubes and 3D printed technology

We asked ourselves, how could we create a table design that could be manufactured without using conventional processes, and include a novel and dynamic aesthetic that reflects emerging manufacturing processes? Entropy (and 3D printing) was the answer.

Made entirely from 3D printed polycarbonate and stainless-steel cubes, the Entropy Table has a dynamic aesthetic that could not be achieved through the use of conventional manufacturing processes. The table is based on the manipulation of cubes. A cube can be looked at as the epitome of order, the building block of Cartesian geometry, having an equal X, Y, and Z dimension. The design concept executes order but visual chaos simultaneously.

Zoea shared experience for design discussion

Zoe is a multi-dimensional art work, which invites interaction and discussion about design. In its basic function, Zoe is a zoetrope—a device that spins, animating a series of Illustrations. It is a form of movie that predates film-based motion pictures. The greater purpose of Zoe is to act as a calling card representing us to our parent company, McKinsey & Company.

The sculptural Zoe is a study in contrasts, heavy and light, soft and geometric. The sinuous zoetrope orb form represents design thinking, while the clear geometric volume of the pedestal represents the rational and fact based underpinnings of business consulting. The orb forms are inspired by a globe, symbolizing the global nature of the consulting firm, and a light bulb, ushering in the generation of new ideas that design brings to McKinsey.

Inside, the viewer may see a miniature planetarium with twinkling stars and streaking comets, or a horse galloping across a green field. The moving images within each Zoe are influenced by the city in which it is located. The overarching goal for Zoe is to draw people into a shared experience that is both tactile and experiential, and offers a starting point for a discussion about design.

 The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)®—is a premier international design competition sponsored annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and judged by renowned design experts from around the world.


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