Capping a brand experience

Is the cap that seals your product destroying your brand experience?

Lunair and Palmm win 2016 Robert Howard Next Step Awards

Two innovative medical technology concepts devised by Stanford University Biodesign student teams are winners of the 2016 LUNAR-sponsored Robert Howard Next Step award.

The upside of friction

As establishment outsiders, Uber, Airbnb, and BuzzFeed are shaking up the transportation, vacation housing, and media worlds in a way that causes people to question conventions. They are forcing entrenched businesses and consumers to reexamine the status quo through their new and innovative business models.

LUNAR wins two 2016 Red Dot: Best of the Best Awards

We’re thrilled to announce LUNAR has won 2016 Red Dot: Best of the Best Design Awards for Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Wireless system and the Belle-V Bottle Opener. This highest distinction in the international competition goes to only 1.5% of all entries.

Living a long and healthy life on your own terms

There comes a point when most of us will no longer be able care for ourselves. At LUNAR, we seek to extend the time people can safely enjoy their lives at home, avoiding extended care facilities or expensive treatment centers.

Call for entries: The 2016 Robert Howard Next Step Award

We are now accepting entries for the fifth annual Robert Howard Next Step Awards for innovations in medical technology. LUNAR will provide 100 hours of design and engineering consultation to develop medical technologies formulated by teams enrolled in Stanford University’s Biodesign Program.

Perfecting Products

Forbes this week highlights the partnership between LUNAR and ecobee in “An Inside Look At How Gadget Companies Work With Design Firms To Perfect Their Products.”

LUNAR wins 2016 iF Design Awards for humangear GoBites, ecobee3, and Alpine Headphones

We’re thrilled to announce LUNAR has picked up three 2016 iF product design awards for humangear’s GoBites utensils, ecobee3, and Alpine Headphones.

Nurturing Our Liquid Network

Sometime back in 1965 – post the fictional but accurate Don Draper Madman emergence of advertising as a medium – a group of moderately seasoned industrial designer types got together and decided that what they were doing mattered. A lot.

LUNAR in the classroom

This year’s season of giving reminds us of one the most important aspects of LUNAR’s company culture: sharing what we’ve learned, both with our peers and with the next generation of designers.