Capping a brand experience

Is the cap that seals your product destroying your brand experience?

LUNAR’s Mark Dziersk believes brands are defined by the experiences people have with products, including how consumers get to a product.

Mark shared his perspectives on brands and packaging at the recent Plastics Caps and Closures conference in Chicago.

“Most companies want their product to be a great experience for consumers,” Mark told an audience of packaging experts. “They don’t always realize that, for many products, the brand experience starts with the package, including how consumers access the product.”

A container that’s difficult to open or that doesn’t make using the product easy just isn’t a good experience, he noted.

Examples of enclosures that reinforce a strong brand experience are out there, Mark said, citing Hellmann’s custom clean lock cap, Dutch Boy’s twist and pour paint container, and Dove’s elegant body wash packaging.

“Every leader should consider the critical role packaging plays in advancing a brand experience, whether it’s delighting or frustrating a consumer,” Mark said. “A tamper-proof cap that requires pliers to open may be safe, but it’s not a great brand experience.”

That matters a lot in today’s world of elevated, designed experiences, Mark said. “If one of your competitors does a better job of designing the way their package opens, you will lose not only mindshare—being thought of as the best—you may in fact lose that customer as well.”

Mark Dziersk is Managing Director of LUNAR’s Chicago office. 

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