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Celebrate the future as we countdown to 30

September 4th, 2014

LUNAR turns 30 October 3rd and we invite you to celebrate the future with us. (more…)

I ♥ my OS

September 3rd, 2014

Writer and director Spike Jonze won an Oscar for his story of a man falling in love with an operating system, inspiring excitement and envy in UX designers everywhere. Who wouldn’t want their design work to lead users to the ultimate emotional connection? (more…)

Placing the Right Bets

August 11th, 2014

Running a consulting business definitely has its upsides – a variety of work, exposure to talented and creative people, recognition – but the financial returns in conventional fee-for-service models are usually modest. (more…)

Are you satisfying your customers? John Edson says that’s not enough

May 9th, 2014

What’s the role of design in creating customer intimacy? (more…)

New year brings two wins

January 2nd, 2014

We can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than by picking up two Good Design award wins for Ventus Theravent and Myoscience iovera˚. (more…)

Digital Craftsmanship: Tokyo Designers Week 2013

December 20th, 2013

LUNAR traveled to Japan for the annual Tokyo Designers Week last month. Check out some of the vibrant tidbits we discovered in this jam-packed video (there was a lot to take in): (more…)

Celebrating design

December 11th, 2013

As we approach our 30th anniversary next year, we’re thrilled to be part of a new exhibition at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design’s Brooks Stevens Gallery of Industrial Design. (more…)

When patients become consumers

December 10th, 2013

The era of personalized medicine is upon us and this trend has important implications for how we think about patients. (more…)

An Ice Cream Social with Belle-V

November 26th, 2013

LUNAR celebrated the launch of the new Belle-V ice cream scoop and the Museum of Craft & Design’s “New West Coast Design 2″ exhibit with free admission to the museum and free Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous ice cream last Sunday in San Francisco. Thanks to everyone who joined us! It was a beautiful day for delicious ice cream and world-class design.

We took lots of pictures – check them out on our Facebook page here.

Also, stay tuned for other upcoming events – we just might need to make Belle-V ice cream socials a regular thing : )

Read more about Belle-V and our Kickstarter campaign here.

LUNAR’s Ice Cream Sunday!

November 21st, 2013

LUNAR is celebrating the Museum of Craft & Design’s “New West Coast Design 2″ exhibit with free admission to the museum and free ice cream this Sunday, November 24!  If you’re in San Francisco, don’t miss out on this very cool event!

Visit the museum at 2569 3rd Street between 1-3 pm, enjoy your ice cream, and then tour the museum’s exhibit, which features the latest in great West Coast design, including the LUNAR-designed Belle-V ice cream scoop and early prototypes.

We’ll be serving Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous’ yummy ice cream using the Belle-V scoop and LUNAR’s VP of Design, Jeff Salazar, will be there to share his design philosophy as well as the creative process behind the scoop. Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous for providing the ice cream!

Hope to see you this Sunday, from 1-3, at the Museum of Craft & Design, 2569 3rd Street in SF.  Bring your family, tell your friends and get ready to enjoy great ice cream as well as some fantastic design!

Please RSVP here.

Making bold design work for entrepreneurs

November 15th, 2013

Bold design expressions can be one of the most important differentiators for any company, but especially for startups.

LUNAR’s Matthis Hamann and Roman Gebhard explained why while sharing a few case studies at the Explorers Festival in Lisbon last week.

The festival is one of the largest events for entrepreneurs in Europe.

“Our experience shows that a solid design process, the right tools and a user-centric sensibility can definitely create better products and services,” Roman told several hundred attendees.

Roman and Matthis took attendees through case studies that covered:

  • a hardware and software solution for Siemens Bosch that connects devices in the home in a way that addresses real needs,
  • the VELA cycle trainer and NOVA climbing wall that challenge the design conventions of exercise equipment in the home,
  • Piamo, a product that turns any microwave into a personal espresso machine, and
  • Mo, a modern urban mobility system, based on a flexible, simple, affordable and sustainable combination of bike rental system, local public transport and car sharing.

“We believe bold design expressions that shift traditional paradigms can be especially helpful to entrepreneurs who are coming into markets with exciting, new ideas,” Matthis said.

Watch the video of their presentation here :

Jeff Salazar shares the scoop on Belle-V and design

November 11th, 2013

Join us this Wednesday at the Museum of Craft and Design in SF to hear Jeff Salazar, LUNAR’s VP of Design, participate in the New West Coast Designers panel discussion.

Jeff will share his design philosophy as well as the creative process behind the newly launched Belle-V ice cream scoop. Jeff shares the stage with Bob Wilms of The New Black and Francois Nguyen from Frog. The panel will be moderated by Marc D’Estout, curator at the Museum of Craft and Design.

After the talk, check out the full New West Coast Design 2 exhibit, including early prototypes of the Belle-V ice cream scoop. Hope to see you on Wednesday!

Where: Museum of Craft and Design
2569 Third Street, San Francisco, 94107

When: 7:00pm – 8:30pm PT

Participants: Jeff Salazar, VP of Design, LUNAR
Bob Wilms, Development Director, The New Black
Francois Nguyen, Principal Designer, Frog

For Tickets:

Halloween on the Moon

October 30th, 2013

Our tradition of legendary HALLOWEEN PARTIES continues tonight! Each year we open our doors to the San Francisco design community for a night of ghoulish grins, creepy cocktails, and devilish dancing! The best part? For those who come decked out in that costume we know you’ve been planning for the last 217 days, we award prizes that you’ll want to showcase on your living room mantle. This year, no exception, we have some of the best awards imaginable.


See you tonight!

More details here.

Design to disrupt

October 24th, 2013

Our LUNAR Europe team will be sharing the secrets behind “Disrupting product categories with design” at the push.conference 2013 in Munich Oct. 26.

LUNAR Europe co-founder Roman Gebhard and user experience designer Hanne Trafnik will discuss the holistic design approach to product development that led to two stellar design concepts: VELA, a cycle trainer Forbes‘ calls “the bike that looks like art” and NOVA, a fresh take on a climbing wall that introduces meaningful interactions between athlete, sensors and a smartphone app.

Both projects won several 2013 design awards and NOVA was just recognized with a German Design Award for 2014!


The annual push.conference unites creative coding and user experience design by offering a platform for designers, developers and UX professionals. Learn more here and watch our blog for photos and insights from Roman and Hanne.

Getting to the “why” behind the “what”

October 15th, 2013

By Chau Hop Nguyen Phan, Design Strategist, LUNAR Europe

Understanding why we do things is a critical, if elusive, part of a successful design process.

Do I buy a particular brand of soap because of attractive packaging or because my family has used it since I was a child?

Ethnography is the practice of understanding the why behind our actions.  An ethnographer’s goal is usually to understand the rituals, inherited practices or practical drivers that motivate what we do.

Design research practices owe a lot to methodologies established by ethnographers and anthropologists. As a design researcher at LUNAR, I constantly look for the why behind user behaviors to better identify opportunities for innovation or ways to otherwise inform the design process.

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend EPIC – the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference in London, where I expected to be an outsider among academics, but that was hardly the case. There was much talk about how ethnography is helping to influence countless experiences, products and services, which is exactly what we do at LUNAR in our Insights & Strategy practice.


Centuries ago ethnography started as a way to understand the traditions and cultural norms of indigenous peoples. In recent times, the practices of ethnographers were applied in innovation industries – including design – where methods were adapted to understand our “modern“ society and why we do what we do, to uncover opportunities for innovation or improve other aspects of design.

The conference featured presentations by a “Who’s Who” of qualitative research within the innovation industry, including Genevieve Bell, director of Intel’s Interaction and Experience Research and a child of two anthropologists who was raised among Australian aborigine tribes.

Several speakers explored the role of “big data” in ethnography. Tricia Wang, a young and splendid speaker, believes qualitative data – what she calls “thick data” – and not quantity-centric “big data” can explain the why behind people’s actions. Other presenters, such as John Curranen encouraged us to avoid setting up big data in opposition to ethnography.  Instead, he said, we need to use ethnography as a hook to facilitate interpretation of big data.  He clearly sees a role for big data in helping explain behaviors.

As with the best conferences, EPIC provided an incredible amount of useful experiences, and it was great to share findings, methods and thoughts with a fantastic group of people. No wonder many had travelled so far to participate.

I left EPIC excited to apply the latest thinking in ethnography to the design research work we do at LUNAR.  Better understanding why our client’s customers do what they do will help us shape more useful and successful experiences. If ethnography gets you excited about becoming a better designer, check out EPIC at their 2014 conference in New York. I hope to see you there.