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The "connected car" is coming

Whether they are self-driving, powered by a new combination of exotic fuels, or service-based experiences, cars will be changing radically in the next few years...

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John Edson explores the future of energy

John will share the stage with other energy-sector thought leaders at Bloomberg's Future of Energy Summit this week in New York...

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A better user experience for home health care [TABLU Part 5]

In our latest TABLU edition of Icon-o-Cast, we talk with team member Dr. Udo Weimar about how sensors can support technologies and user needs associated with home health care...

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Call for Entries: The 2014 Robert Howard Next Step Award

We’ve officially launched the third annual Robert Howard Next Step Award in celebration and memory of our treasured colleague...

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Dziersk on Design

LUNAR's Mark Dziersk shares his perspectives on the "Essentials of Industrial Design" March 18 at Northwestern University's Segal Design Institute...

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Eight “don’t miss” trends in Housewares

The 2014 International Housewares Show comes to Chicago March 15-18. Mark Dziersk looks at what’s next for the Housewares market...

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