Innovation and Iteration at CES

CES was attended by Mechanical Engineers Jon Tackie and Alex Dakin, and Industrial Designers Charlie Nghiem and Germain Verbrackel. This is part of a #moonwalk series, where LUNAR employees attend conferences and workshops to seek inspiration and refresh or improve their skills.

CES, arguably the largest consumer electronics tradeshow in the world, takes place every January in Las Vegas. 2017 presented a plethora of new and interesting technologies from innovations in automotive mobility to personalized tech for the home.


Drones were a huge part of the show. Of course leader in this category, DJI, showed up with all of their latest products including the Mavic and the inspire 2, but there are many other players in this space that are making great drones as well — including 3D printed drones.



Meanwhile, the automotive industry is looking far into the future with concepts from big names such as BMW and Toyota that showcased what the driving (and self-driving) experience may look like for the next generation. Honda even showed up with a self-balancing/self-driving motorcycle that was oddly reminiscent of an extremely quiet and well behaved dog following its master.



As a whole, it was great to see exciting new applications to technologies that have been around for the past few years, including virtual reality, self-driving technologies, and drones. The word innovation gets thrown around all too often, but we feel that a more accurate description of this year’s theme is iteration. We look forward to creating more products, interactions and experiences with our clients, and incubating our own at LUNAR, in 2017.


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