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Innovation and Iteration at CES

January 23rd, 2017

CES was attended by Mechanical Engineers Jon Tackie and Alex Dakin, and Industrial Designers Charlie Nghiem and Germain Verbrackel. This is part of a #moonwalk series, where LUNAR employees attend conferences and workshops to seek inspiration and refresh or improve their skills.

CES, arguably the largest consumer electronics tradeshow in the world, takes place every January in Las Vegas. 2017 presented a plethora of new and interesting technologies from innovations in automotive mobility to personalized tech for the home.


Drones were a huge part of the show. Of course leader in this category, DJI, showed up with all of their latest products including the Mavic and the inspire 2, but there are many other players in this space that are making great drones as well — including 3D printed drones.



Meanwhile, the automotive industry is looking far into the future with concepts from big names such as BMW and Toyota that showcased what the driving (and self-driving) experience may look like for the next generation. Honda even showed up with a self-balancing/self-driving motorcycle that was oddly reminiscent of an extremely quiet and well behaved dog following its master.



As a whole, it was great to see exciting new applications to technologies that have been around for the past few years, including virtual reality, self-driving technologies, and drones. The word innovation gets thrown around all too often, but we feel that a more accurate description of this year’s theme is iteration. We look forward to creating more products, interactions and experiences with our clients, and incubating our own at LUNAR, in 2017.


LUNAR & Autodesk Win Two Spark Awards for Time Machine

December 12th, 2016

LUNAR and Autodesk share a passion for work done by the design and engineering professions. This fall, LUNAR co-founders Jeff Smith and Gerard Furbershaw, and Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, industrial designer Arthur Harsuvanakit, and mechanical engineer Lucas Prokopiak, joined forces to collaborate on the creation of a design concept. (more…)

Tokyo Design Week 2016

December 8th, 2016

Tokyo Design Week was attended by Senior Industrial Designer Terence Kwan, Industrial Designer Rayyan Toh, and Graphic Designer Amal Chandaria. This is part of a #moonwalk series, where LUNAR employees attend conferences and workshops to seek inspiration and refresh or improve their skills. (more…)

LUNAR Lands in Singapore

November 1st, 2016

For over 30 years, LUNAR has created business value through beautiful, ingenious, and charismatic products, services, and experiences for clients across industries including technology, health and science, consumer electronics, and professional services. (more…)

Why The Apple Watch Could Succeed (Even If It Fails)

March 9th, 2015

In a new article on Fast Company‘s Co.Design site, LUNAR’s John Edson considers how the Apple Watch could balance tradeoffs between functional novelty and personal expression – tensions that have plagued watch innovation for years. (more…)


July 1st, 2014


LUNAR has won Silver and Bronze awards from IDSA for the Belle-V ice cream scoop and Mobilegear’s e-commerce website! (more…)

LUNAR wins three iF Product Design Awards

February 28th, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce LUNAR has picked up three 2014 iF product design awards for NOVA, VELA and SF Prep! We accepted our iF gold award for NOVA just a few hours ago at the awards ceremony at BMW Welt Auditorium in Munich. (more…)

IDSA 2013: Breaking the Rules

September 6th, 2013

It took us about a week to decompress after all the great events that happened at the 2013 IDSA International Conference in Chicago – the main stage keynote John Edson and Mark Dziersk led on Creating Courage and the LUNAR hosted cocktail party at Futon’s On the River highlights among many other fantastic memories.

During their talk, Mark and John tackled the theme of the conference, breaking the rules, by looking at the structures, behaviors and assumptions designers themselves have embraced over the last decade. They challenged the audience to rethink the norms designers have been preaching to the business world – to reconsider what they know about collaboration, to eschew “strategic thinking” and to relax about showing the rest of the world how important design is. In the place of these generally excepted rules, John and Mark proposed the audience find courage where designers have always found it: in embracing their passion for creating.

For those of you who missed the conference or LUNAR’s session on Creating Courage, we’ll be sharing the video recording in a few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled here, on Twitter or Facebook for the live action version of this talk.

A big thank you to IDSA for another stellar event! We’re already looking forward to next year.

Beyond the artifact

April 11th, 2013

From “Project Runway” to the “Apprentice,” the act of designing is emerging into the mainstream once again. (more…)

Embracing the past at ICFF

June 11th, 2012

The industrial era may be due for a comeback if the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is any indication. (more…)