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Why The Apple Watch Could Succeed (Even If It Fails)

March 9th, 2015

In a new article on Fast Company‘s Co.Design site, LUNAR’s John Edson considers how the Apple Watch could balance tradeoffs between functional novelty and personal expression – tensions that have plagued watch innovation for years. (more…)

The award-winning Alta TV: It’s all about longevity

March 5th, 2015

Earlier this week the iF International Forum Design GmbH announced that LUNAR has won the iF Gold Product Design Award for the Alta TV from BOE. Our Munich and Hong Kong studios closely collaborated on this notable project.

The prestigious iF award is given annually. More than 50 international design experts evaluated 3,500 entries in 17 award categories. Entries came in from 48 countries, showcasing the continued international reach of the iF design awards. We’re thrilled to receive this recognition.

The 4K Alta TV is all about longevity. The magic thinness transforms a technical product into a premium life-style object that becomes part of your home, like classic furniture or lighting. We’ve reduced the product to its essence, while expressing an iconic, charismatic and timeless design.

At the same time, we wanted to pursue a simple experience that spanned a range of touch points – TV, remote, media box, UI, packaging, quick start guide and service. In our drive for simplicity and attention to detail we of course had to address the annoying messy cable situation that most TVs force upon you. Our solution: one cable – executed in a beautiful red textile cover.

Ultimately, we were expressing a vision of “intelligent minimalism” for a completely new consumer brand at the intersection of lifestyle, technology and beauty.

Congratulations to the great teams at BOE and LUNAR for this great honor. Learn more about the Alta TV from BOE here.

Enhancing TABLU to meet user needs [Part 7]

December 18th, 2014

Our seventh episode in our ongoing Icon-o-Cast TABLU series looks at what we’re learning from our latest round of user research and how we’re building two new modules into the app. (more…)

Bringing a Human Touch to TABLU [Part 6]

August 18th, 2014

In part 6 of our ongoing Icon-o-Cast series focused on TABLU, we explore how the service addresses the health care needs of patients in rural areas. (more…)

Our exciting vision for home exercise — introducing TERA

June 5th, 2014

We’re proud to officially announce today the TERA fitness mat, our latest design concept in a family of reimagined home exercise products designed by our LUNAR Europe team. (more…)

The public context for TABLU [part 4]

February 12th, 2014

As we age most of us would prefer to live happy and healthy lives at home. (more…)

Digital Craftsmanship: Tokyo Designers Week 2013

December 20th, 2013

LUNAR traveled to Japan for the annual Tokyo Designers Week last month. Check out some of the vibrant tidbits we discovered in this jam-packed video (there was a lot to take in): (more…)

LUNAR Moondust: Good and Evil Finale

November 27th, 2013

LUNAR interns apply their creativity to explore perceptions of “good” and “evil” in objects

What makes a product seem “good” or “evil”? (more…)

LUNAR creativity SPARKS three awards

November 18th, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce LUNAR has picked up three 2013 SPARK awards for iovera°, Mobilegear and Piamo!

  • The pen-like iovera° from myoscience uses a patented Focused Cold Therapy to effectively treat pain with a minimally invasive procedure. Our work for iovera° earned a Product Pro award.
  • Mobilegear is an e-commerce website we designed that provides customers with the best mobile solutions for an increasingly mobile workforce and lifestyle. Mobilegear picked up a Silver Communication award.
  • Piamo creates a fresh cup of delicious espresso in 30 seconds in your microwave. Our work for Piamo received a Gold Concept Pro award.

The SPARK Awards are a global competition with entries from more than 27 countries. The awards seek out the best designs from all levels of society, from amateurs to the most experienced and are awarded by a community of designers and creative people bound together by the idea that design can make significant, positive changes in the world and help make it better.

See the full list of winning entries here and read the full press release here.

LUNAR collaborates with Gigaset to make homes smarter

September 5th, 2013

We’re excited to report that our client Gigaset, one of the world’s leading producers of corded and cordless phones, is about to enter the market of “Intelligent Living.”

Gigaset’s new product line, Gigaset elements, is aimed at improving safety and comfort in the home. Over the past two years, LUNAR Europe has visited users in their homes to conduct qualitative interviews and explore opportunities for Gigaset on how to apply technology in thoughtful, simple ways to make a “smart home.” The team developed and prototyped experiences, testing them with consumers and observing reactions. Our Insights and Strategy team then collaborated with Gigaset to refine specific features and offerings.

This September, Gigaset will offer consumers the first five products in its Gigaset elements starter kit, including a door sensor, motion sensor and a base station. The Internet Protocol-based system connects the user’s Smartphone app to the Gigaset elements Cloud. The Gigaset elements app can monitor a variety of situations within the home and is able to give users updates about what is happening in their homes while they are away. For example, it will let the user know when someone else is entering the home – and whether that person has used a key or a crowbar to get in. The system can be extended with additional door, motion and window sensors as well as sirens.

Future sensor and service feature extensions will broaden the Gigaset elements use case from security to energy management and healthcare. Stay tuned for more details about this innovative project as we progress toward the launch of Gigaset elements.

Watch Nick Ord, Gigaset elements Innovation Lead, speak about their product development process at this year’s BITKOM Big Data Summit 2013: