Introducing LUNAR Moondust

LUNAR interns are applying their creativity to explore what deems objects to be perceived as “good” or “evil.”

LUNAR Moondust* is an exercise specifically developed for LUNAR’s industrial design (ID) interns to explore a design challenge and work toward a final concept, all with guidance and feedback from our seasoned team of design experts. The project provides interns with first-hand insight into LUNAR’s design process, as well as another great piece for their portfolio.

Here’s how it works: We issue a project challenge to ID interns at the start of their internship, and then follow-up with bi-weekly check-ins and broader critiques each month. The project culminates with a final concept and presentation by the interns to the full LUNAR team.

We are kicking Moondust off with the prompt “Good vs. Evil,” where our interns will examine what deems objects to be perceived as “good” or inversely, “evil.” They will develop these traits in a pairing of objects that must work independently and seamlessly as one unit.

Stay tuned for follow-up posts over the next few months as we accompany our interns on their journey. You’ll get to see their process from ideation and concept creation, to refinement and final presentation. We think you’ll enjoy watching the development.


* Moondust is an extension of LUNAR Moonshine — which is an ongoing practice of original discursive thinking and our unique approach to exploring creative boundaries that helps us better engage with the larger conversation in the design world.

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