Our exciting vision for home exercise — introducing TERA

We’re proud to officially announce today the TERA fitness mat, our latest design concept in a family of reimagined home exercise products designed by our LUNAR Europe team.

TERA is an elegant exercise mat that blends into any contemporary interior. It’s designed to accommodate the natural radius of human motion during exercise – including Yoga, Pilates or Thai Bo – smoothing transitions between poses and facilitating an easier and more effective flow during practice.

An innovative LED lighting system guides exercises, while TERA’s sophisticated sensors recognize movement and record pressure exerted on the mat, enabling accurate detection of the user’s body positions and natural weight shifts. An accompanying mobile application tracks and analyzes each exercise regime, providing the user with feedback that can be easily shared directly with a personal trainer or broadcasted on social media.

Made of eco-friendly shear wool by premium manufacturer Kvadrat, TERA also reflects an expressive design that blends into any home environment.

TERA is the latest in a series of award-winning expressive home exercise design concepts out of LUNAR Europe. Our cycle trainer, VELA, transforms from workout tool to sculpture, showing off the user’s passion for their lifestyle through outstanding aesthetics. Clever integration of beautiful projections around the bike create a fully immersive training experience. NOVA, a climbing wall, consists of panels with strategic patterns of cut-outs that create visually integrated climbing holds. Light patterns highlight climbing routes as they shine from behind the specific holds for programmed climb. Users control their route selection and receive personalized training through the NOVA mobile application.

It is thrilling to add TERA to our design portfolio while continuing to lead the creative exploration of home exercise’s future. Learn more about TERA here.

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