iovera°’s pain-relief capabilities in the news

The LUNAR-designed iovera° device made TV news April 25 demonstrating its powerful pain-relief capabilities.

In a story that aired on ABC7, pain management specialist Eric Grigsby, M.D., used iovera° to relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis in patient Winnie Meadows’ knees.

The pen-like device is designed, using a minimally invasive treatment, to penetrate then numb a key nerve pathway carrying pain signals from Winnie’s knee to her brain. “The relief is immediate; the patient was able to do deep knee bends, something she hasn’t done in a long time,” Grigsby explains.

The system includes a handpiece, dock, single-use Smart Tips and nitrous oxide cartridges. After locating the target nerve and inserting the micro-needles, with a push of a button the system cools the needles to draw heat from the surrounding tissue forming a precise zone of cold. This temporarily disables the nerve, but preserves the nerve structure so the nerve reliably re-grows over time in its original path.

iovera° works equally well on sensory and motor nerves and potentially may be used to address a wide range of clinical applications, including reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and muscular disorders. Potential applications include treatment for pain from arthritis or other peripheral nerve conditions and dynamic facial lines.

“We use your body’s natural response to cold to simply put the nerve into hibernation and allow it to wake up over time,” says Myoscience CEO Clint Carnell. “In the case of osteoarthritis in the knee, our studies have shown we can turn off that sensory nerve for to 2-3 months.”

The Myoscience device recently received FDA clearance for pain treatment in the U.S.; it’s already being used in Europe for cosmetic applications as well as pain.

We’re proud to have worked with Myoscience to design a beautiful and effective device that can help improve the quality of life for countless people through pain therapy.

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