Living a long and healthy life on your own terms

There comes a point when most of us will no longer be able care for ourselves. At LUNAR, we seek to extend the time people can safely enjoy their lives at home, avoiding extended care facilities or expensive treatment centers.

Since 2013, our team in Munich has played a key design and user experience role in a major, multi-year project led by the German government aimed at giving society’s elders and their caregivers the tools, resources, and confidence to maintain good health while they live at home for as long as possible. When realized, the project could dramatically slow the rise in health care costs while improving quality of life.

TABLU* is a multi-pronged service system that brings together technology, health care providers, public policy experts, and social service organizations. We brought to the project our expertise in user experience and technology design—leading ethnographic studies that drove key decisions, prototyping with potential users, and collaborating on project directions with a broad-based team.

TABLU has now moved into a new phase of evaluations in which health care professionals are working with untrained at-home caregivers to support elderly patients. Through the TABLU app, caregivers can now check-in about non-critical care issues and easily access a library of health-related videos and useful tips.

We’ve previously documented phases of our work on TABLU in a series of Icon-o-Casts podcasts that examined the issues driving TABLU. Access our TABLU Icon-o-Cast episodes here.

“TABLU has been one of our most complex and gratifying projects,” says Roman Gebhard, Managing Partner in our Munich studio. “We believe it has the potential to have a major long-term impact on how we deliver health care services to an aging population in the 21st century while doing everything possible to maintain quality of life for patients.”

* TABLU stands for Technische Assistenzsysteme befähigen zu einem Leben in Unabhängigkeit. In English, this roughly translates to “Technical assistance system enabling independent living.”

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