On the move: LUNAR launches mobility microsite

Zoom, zoom! We’re accelerating into the future of ridesharing with our mobility study, a joint effort with McKinsey & Company, which paves the way for identifying areas of opportunity within the ridesharing market. You might be wondering, why do people rideshare? Convenience? Cost? Freedom? If you’re living in a big city, ridesharing appears to be pervasive. However, of all vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in the US in 2016, ridesharing accounted for a mere 1%. Our research unlocks new use cases, explores lowering costs for both drivers and passengers, and addresses the shortcomings of congestion and parking for commuters. We believe smarter design, improved user experience and advanced analytics will take “ridesharing 1.0” to the next level.

With two concepts, MeGo & WeGo, vehicles are optimized for the rider and driver’s needs. MeGo’s interior transforms into functional seating for all situations, including children and cargo. In contrast, WeGo is suited for social or private rideshare situations. This project collected insights from ridesharing services, commuters, the automotive industry and beyond. Check out our recently launched microsite to see a small piece of what we discovered: https://mobility.lunar.com/

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