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Claudia It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. —Christian Moser
UX Lead
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Sometimes we're afraid to give up the good and go for the great. We can all recount a lousy experience with a product or service; they’re all too common. But the best ones can create an addictive, charismatic link between customer and company.

In both the physical and digital domains, LUNAR approaches the design of products and services from the perspective of what they do for people. We begin with individuals’ motivations, then break down their behaviors to reconstruct them in ways that not only make sense, but also make smiles.

Our UX design team is led by Claudia Berger, an accomplished expert in the field. Her conceptual thinking blends with technical expertise and creative vision to bring projects from development through completion. Claudia takes a prototype-centered approach to testable user experience design, with a customized framework of tools and methods for each client, which deliver products and services that go beyond merely usable – to those that emotionally connect to people.

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LUNAR helps Siemens create homeConnect, an emerging platform for managing home appliances, simply.



LUNAR reinvents a vision for home exercise with VELA and NOVA.



Ignite guides people to a healthier life with a system of apps and appcessories.