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National Design Award

LUNAR receives the National Design Award

LUNAR has won the prestigious National Design Award for Product Design from the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Read more.

Design Like Apple

DESIGN LIKE APPLE: Seven Principles For Creating Insanely Great Products, Services, and Experiences by John Edson

Apple has made design cool. They see design as a tool for creating beautiful experiences that surprise and delight, while they also convey a point of view down to the smallest detail, from the tactile feedback of a keyboard to the out-of-the-box experience of an iPhone package. Steve Jobs set the standard that all products should be "insanely great." This is no accident; design is infused in the culture at Apple.

In his new book, Design Like Apple: Seven Principles For Creating Insanely Great Products, Services, and Experiences, LUNAR's John Edson uncovers lessons from Apple's method for product creation, manufacturing, delivery, and customer experience. Readers will learn how design can increase their competitive advantage by delivering beauty, ingenuity, and charisma. Read more.


LUNAR brings style to next-generation BodyMedia armband body monitor

LUNAR announces a collaboration with wearable body monitor pioneer BodyMedia to design the housing for a next-generation wireless BodyMedia FIT armband that will continuously transmit information on calorie burn, steps taken, physical activity levels and sleep patterns to any WiFi-enabled device for 24x7 assistance in weight management. Read more.


Switch lights up the cover of WIRED

WIRED in its September 2011 issue proclaims Switch's 60-watt equivalent LED as the green bulb for design nerds. LUNAR client Switch is on the front lines of a hot new market -- alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs. Switch's stylish, yellow-tinted LEDs shine through a cooling liquid to cast a warm, living-room-quality glow -- and draw only 13 watts to do it.


Talent scouted in Metropolis Magazine

In April 2011 edition of Metropolis Magazine, Kristi Cameron previews the work of the talented young designers who will be showing their work at ICFF. Junggi Sung’s Ember will be on display.

Fast Company

Electric vehicle charging stations of the future

What will replace the gas pump as our reserves begin to wane? In the November 2010 issue, Fast Company takes a look at the designs of several electric vehicle charging stations—including LUNAR s work for Aerovironment. See the slide show here.

Invisible 2010

LUNAR work featured in Invisible 2010

The Taiwain Design Week s publication, Invisible, profiles LUNAR designers Rob Swinton and Sasha Tseng. See Rob's work here.


Award-winning LUNAR work in INNOVATION

The Fall 2010 issue of INNOVATION features LUNAR’s award winning work: SanDisk ImageMate Readers, Bronze IDEA Winner, and Ventus PROVENT Sleep Apnea Therapy, Gold IDEA Winner.


Gesture Cube in Curve

Curve magazine covers LUNAR Europe’s Gesture Cube.


LUNAR Announces New Member of Medical Advisory Board

LUNAR has named Gabriel Howles, MD, PhD as an Associate Medical Advisory Board member. Dr. Howles joins the five existing board members in further strengthening LUNAR’s medical design expertise and creating additional value for its healthcare and medical-related clients. Read more.

Fast Company Fast Company highlights LUNAR-designed Ventus PROVENT

Fast Company highlights the Ventus PROVENT, a sleep-apnea therapy powered by breathing, and recipient of the 2010 Gold International Design Excellence Award.

California Home & Design

California Home & Design hails Sandrine

California Home & Design's July/August 2010 Market Report article "Young at Heart," hails designer Sandrine Lebas, as LUNAR's Koo bassinet earns reviews as an "exceptionally elegant" bassinet which transforms into a "restful place for night feedings" as a rocking chair.


Harper's Bazaar profiles LUNAR designer

Korean Harper’s Bazaar’s January 2010 Issue features a designer profile on LUNAR’s Junggi Sung.


LUNAR Leads Award Winning Design for the Intel Reader, Portable Device for the Visually Impaired

LUNAR announces it has earned a 2010 Medical Design Excellence Award in the Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology category for its role in the development of the Intel® Reader, a groundbreaking portable device that captures the image of a printed page, converts it to digital text, and reads the content aloud. Read more.


LUNAR Goes Green with Design for Line of Sustainable Toys

LUNAR announces its partnership with Green Toys in remaking classic toys with recycled material from used milk jugs. This addition to Green Toy’s family of products introduces innovative, reengineered versions of classic toys that push the limits of sustainable materials and manufacturing, representing a bold new step in the greening of everyday objects. Read more.


LUNAR Creates a Seamless Surface Expressing Confidence and Security in New Check Point Abra Secure UBS Flash Drive

LUNAR announces its role in the development of the Check Point Abra secure USB flash drive for SanDisk, with the debut of a bold design for the tech giant's newly engineered product line. Read more.

Graphics Gone Green

Graphics Gone Green
A new book, released October 2009

LUNAR Elements has been featured in a new book by Rods and Cones called “Graphics Gone Green.” It’s just been released as an e-book and will be available in print through Blurb starting November 15th.


“Medical Design on the Rise”
FORM, October 2009

Examining its transition from being a niche benefit to a source for lucrative market positioning, FORM presents how design in the medical sector is becoming increasingly essential. The article features LUNAR Europe’s Esprimo MA for Fujitsu.


“Rest Easy”
Metropolis, September 2009

What’s a good night’s sleep worth? Metropolis’ Kristi Cameron reviews PROVENT Therapy and it’s “promise of a good snooze.”
Read article here.

Fast Company

“Apple's Magic Mirror: Expert Designers Discuss the Mac Tablet”
Fast Company, August 19, 2009

Fast Company rallies four expert designers to comment on rumors of Apple's new tablet. John Edson weighs in.
Read article here.


Launching a Business. Nothing to Toy With.
Innovation Magazine, Summer 2009

As guest authors in the summer issue of Innovation Magazine, LUNAR founders Jeff Smith and Gerard Furbershaw share their insights on starting a business. With LUNAR turning 25 years old this year, Jeff and Gerard certainly have the years under their belt to speak to the ups and downs of start-ups. They ditch the sugar coating and admit to the frustrations and pains of the technicalities of starting a business, while offering advice on how to hedge your bets with royalty relationships.

ID magazine

I.D. Annual Design Review
ID Magazine, July/August 2009

Featured in this year’s Design Annual, LUNAR received an Honorable Mention for the design of the Illumina iScan.

LUNAR Leads Groundbreaking Design of PROVENT® Therapy for Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

LUNAR announces its involvement in the development of Ventus Medical’s PROVENT Therapy, a new breakthrough device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). LUNAR’s design has garnered the firm a 2009 Medical Design Excellence Award. Read more.

MD&DI magazine

The Little Devices That Could
MD&DI, April 2009

Winner of a Silver Medical that Device Excellence Award (MDEA), the LUNAR designed PROVENT Therapy from Ventus Medical receives high praise from the award jurors. Read more.

LUNAR Leads Economically and Environmentaly Groundbreaking Design of SanDisk Imagemate Reader

Incorporating the simplicity, speed and signature features of the reader into a sleek new package, the new SanDisk ImageMate represents an advancement in environmentally and economically conscious design. Read more.

LUNAR Creates Iconic Look for the Illumina iScan, Revolutionary Gene-Research Tool

LUNAR’s collaborated with Illumina to create a sophisticated scanner, which can analyze and report millions of genotypes per day, revolutionizing the process of genetic discovery for future use in pharmacogenics and personal genotyping. Read more.

FORM magazine

FORM Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009

FORM Magazine reviews phone designs, including LUNAR Europe designed modu.

LUNAR Redefines the Look of the Personal Computer with HP TouchSmart Design

The innovative, LUNAR-created HP TouchSmart design uses graceful forms and nature-inspired accents to give this all-in-one computer a personality that feels right at home. Read more.

LUNAR Impacts Students' Learning with the Development of the SPARK Science Learning System

Tool enables students in sixth through twelfth grades to explore the world and make scientific discoveries both inside and outside the classroom. Read more.

Lunar Announces Elements, a Sustainable Design Initiative

This extension of LUNAR’s design and engineering teams designed to lessen the impact of products on our ecosystem. Read more.