Regulations = competitive advantage for Green Toys

LUNAR client Green Toys turned the tables on conventional anti-regulation thinking when co-founder Robert Von Goeben was interviewed on Fox Business’ “Making It In America.”

“Our business is growing exponentially,” Robert said. “Our customers will pay a little more if it’s made in the states under heavy regulations and it’s safe for my kid.”

“But heavy regulations often means higher cost,” posed Fox’s anchor. “How does California’s very heavy regulations affect your business?”

“When people look at foreign-made toys they wonder about under what worker conditions or environmental conditions these toys are made,” Robert noted. “We use California’s regulations as a competitive advantage.”

LUNAR collaborated with Green Toys to create affordable, innovative classic toys made of recycled material from used milk jugs. The made-in-the-USA toys can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively, while achieving the highest standards of safety and environmental sustainability.

“U.S.-made toys that are safe, good for the environment and manufactured under heavy regulations are becoming known as the safest in the world,” Robert said.

See Robert’s interview on Fox News here.

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