Resources for “facial features”

Looking for more? Here are a few references from my talk at IDSA this week. Sources of insight and inspiration about interaction design, industrial design and physical controls.

Designing for Interaction by Dan Saffer has a nice introduction to the field of interaction design. Later chapters that focus heavily on on-screen UI design will be less relevant.

Designing for Flow is a presentation given by Dave Cronin at the IxDA conference in ’08. Check it out for more about the state of flow, and how it can inform product design.

Designing Interactions by Bill Moggridge is a great history of interaction design. Moggridge says interaction design is over as a discipline, so he clearly isn’t giving advice about how to do interaction design.

Pictoplasma is a compendium of illustrations, focused on character design. It’s a delight and a source of inspiration for when you wanna get out of the “super cool & chic” mindset and into a quirkier place.

Gretchen Anderson, LUNAR’s Director of Interaction Design, spoke at the IDSA National Conference in Miami Sept. 23-26.

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