“The design of LUNAR itself is our greatest achievement”

LUNAR COO Gerard Furbershaw and his “unique and expansive expression of design intelligence” received well-deserved recognition earlier this month when he was celebrated as the 2012 University of Southern California Architectural Guild Distinguished Alumnus.

Gerard was honored at the 53rd annual USC Architectural Guild dinner May 3. A video describing Gerard’s many contributions to the design professions is now available here.

Gerard, co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Licensing and Investments at LUNAR, was honored for a lifetime of “enfolding the principals of architecture into the creation of beautiful forms,” wrote Qingyun Ma, Dean, USC School of Architecture. “These are objects that are an expression of many uses. They are medical, high-technology, electronic, mobile, acoustical, ergonomic. They are a part of our daily perceptual environment and our tactile world. Gerard is an inspiration to students of architecture at USC and to students and professionals around the world to probe, to discover and to optimize their own expressions of design intelligence.”

“Although Jeff Smith, my fellow cofounder, and I are extremely proud of the work LUNAR has done during its 28 years,” Gerard says, “we believe the design of the company itself has been our greatest personal achievement. Designers start firms for many different reasons. Our goals — and, fortunately, our achievements –have been to do outstanding work that inspires us; attract leading clients; build a company culture that reflects our values, attract passionate, talented people; and leave a legacy.”

“Just as DNA provides genetic instructions for the development, functioning and evolution of an organism, LUNAR’s purpose, mission and values will continue to guide the future path of the company,” he notes.

We’re all so proud of our Architect/Industrial Designer, Cofounder, COO, Colleague and Friend for this honoring of you and your accomplishments.

You deserve it Gerard! CONGRATULATIONS from everyone at LUNAR!

These highlights showcasing LUNAR’s design work were shared at the celebration in a commemorative book.

See other LUNAR videos on our Vimeo page.

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