We came, we saw, we conquered CES

It began with a journey to Las Vegas. Our team explored for 3 days at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We walked for miles perusing the latest and greatest in tech. Some key trends stole the show. Check them out below:

Future of mobility

Mobility was center-stage. There were a large number of autonomous vehicles, ridesharing concepts, and personal mobility options including electric bikes. More companies are attempting to get in the mobility space and usher out sleek exteriors and new features like facial recognition, voice-controlled systems and dedicated loading/parking zones. For our take on the future of ridesharing, see here.

VR & Artificial Intelligence

This was still a huge trend, but we didn’t see anything that was too new. Most booths had awesome VR set-ups, but it was mainly to enhance an interactive experience and attract consumers.  We stopped at a booth that used haptics, providing sensory feedback in various different applications.  A video game provided haptic feedback that could simulate fire and electricity at your fingertips. Some other examples included using haptics to control connected devices in the home as well as in some slot machines seen around Vegas. The highlight was a concept ATM that used holograms to display information and as you reached into the ether to interact with it, the haptics could simulate a button push even though your hands were just floating in space. Hello Minority Report!

Honda presented a new line of concept robotic products. The 3E products range from AI that can help you emotionally and act as a friend, to a robotic ATV platform that could use various attachments for different applications. The 3E-A18 device had a cute animated face that could run errands with you and react to emotions to provide support.  The 3E-D18, which was the ATV platform, had an attachment that allows it to assist in fighting fires while another attachment allows it to help in sports training. Truly remarkable!

Environmental Tech

The intersection between the environment and technology was noticeable. How are companies gaging their environmental impact? How is tech evolving to adapt to our changing ecosystem? Some are responding to the environment by building eco-conscious technology that has multiple lives or is manufactured with recyclable materials. There were a lot of air purifiers and a keen focus on air quality. We also saw an emphasis on water consumption in relation to our appliances—dishwashers, laundry machines and even how the H2O from a fuel cell car could be used for other purposes such as watering your garden.

Overall, this year’s products confirmed last year’s tech progression. In essence, tech that was more of a thought in 2017 was clearly shown through prototypes, concepts and true products in 2018. We’ll see you next year!

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