Jeff Salazar Creating meaningful
designs with purpose
and point of view.
—Jeff Salazar
VP of Design
Design Main Photo

At LUNAR, design is about captivating your customers with products that have impact. We’re driven to create objects and experiences that, yes, meet the technical requirements, but more importantly, propel your brand and turn heads.

It’s foundational to our work that we show up with a good ear and a strong point-of-view. Great design requires both. Beautiful, ingenious and charismatic products break through cluttered markets to deliver an outstanding experience with the brand.

Our creativity is fueled by a diverse, international team of passionate designers—led by industry veteran Jeff Salazar. We’re good listeners and creative leaders who will help you ignite desire in people and create meaningful brand connections.

See Our Work



LUNAR’s work contributed to making HP a market leader in a highly saturated consumer electronics category through generations of products that connect with customers.



SWITCH adopted a stunning product statement that celebrates a new vision in the emerging category of LED lightbulbs.



BodyMedia is giving people choice and control with the Core 2 modular on-body monitoring system, a design that blends in by standing out.