Lucky Litter FroliCat

LUNAR worked with Lucky Litter to help the company attain a leadership position in the pet toy market. The innovative suite of FroliCat electro-mechanical toys engages cats in fun exercise and enthused play and look beautiful in the home when not in use. The toys are designed to appeal to cats’ predatory instincts. Bolt and Dart project randomized laser dot patterns across the floor to stimulate a cat’s natural chase instinct. Pounce is a rotating hide-and-seek cat teaser; it moves a mouse unpredictably around a circular path zooming forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles and occasionally moving back and forth. Flik is an automatic teaser that whips out and retracts a string. The last toy in the suite, Twitch, automatically jerks and swings an enticing teaser toy up and down and left to right.