Cadence’s Palladium Z1 is the first datacenter-class enterprise emulation system that helps companies test and debug their products. Its ability to imitate software, hardware, and circuitry of products that are not yet commercially launched on the market is unmatched—delivering up to 5x better emulation throughput and 2.5x better workload efficiency than its closest competitor.

LUNAR designed Palladium Z1 with the intention of capturing a unique voice and soul for an often overlooked object in the belly of semiconductor, computer system, and telecommunications companies around the world. The system marries extreme performance with a captivating visual expression—transforming the conventional louver architecture into a brilliantly vibrant façade, while maintaining maximum cooling power and efficiency. The product’s quiet confidence and unique design expression showcases Cadence’s commitment to creating standout, charismatic products in the enterprise space. With this flagship product, we’ve taken their soft blue brand color and created an ownable three-dimensional equity—facet and fractal qualities that can be translated to other hardware pieces in their portfolio.