An HD 360° camera for photo, video and live stream

Playful, social and compact, Giroptic iO is a 360-degree camera that enables smartphones and tablets to easily shoot immersive 4K still photos and enhanced 2K video, share on social networks, and live stream.

LUNAR connected with Giroptic to create a disruptive VR device, by developing an affordable 360 degree mobile-camera for consumers in an industry typically dominated by professionals. The inspiration for the design was conceived using two familiar geometric shapes—the sphere and the cube—to express and translate immersive experiences.

iO solves one of the main problems with 360 cameras at the moment—the difficult-to-find balance between seamless software communicating with beautiful hardware. User interaction and the physical product design were carefully crafted and developed to achieve an intuitive user experience.

As an entry level product for mainstream consumers, Giroptic iO offers a familiar yet iconic archetype in order to reinforce a friendly and approachable brand.