ZEISS PLEX Elite 9000

The ZEISS PLEX Elite 9000 is a transformational technology that enables researchers to discover microvascular anatomy through OCT or Optical Coherence Tomography. This machine is foundational to the future of retina research and to the comprehensive understanding of retina disease. It provides extremely detailed imagery of the retinas.

The typical OCT instrument is complex in form leading to a product and diagnostic that can be intimidating for the patient and challenging for the clinician. The design of the Zeiss PLEX Elite 9000 solves these issues by radically simplifying the forms, creating a friendly focal point for the patient, and devising well thought out adjustability and visibility of the patient for the clinician. The cleverly arranged internals are all packaged in a compact enclosure that fits well into labs and ophthalmology offices with limited real estate for instruments.