Zoe is a multi-dimensional art work, which invites interaction and discussion about design. In its basic function, Zoe is a zoetrope—a device that spins, animating a series of Illustrations. It is a form of movie that predates film-based motion pictures. The greater purpose of Zoe is to act as a calling card representing LUNAR to its parent company, McKinsey & Company, a global business consulting firm with offices and clients around the globe.

The sculptural Zoe is a study in contrasts—heavy and light, soft and geometric. The sinuous zoetrope orb form represents design thinking, while the clear geometric volume of the pedestal represents the rational and fact based underpinnings of business consulting. The orb forms are inspired by a globe, symbolizing the global nature of the consulting firm, and a light bulb, symbolizing the generation of new ideas that design brings to McKinsey.